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Online Digital Content Creation

Course Summary School: The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

Location: United Kingdom, London

Education: Diploma

This online short course is designed for anyone with an interest in, and fascination for the creation of exciting, engaging digital content. Perfect for those wishing to explore the different facets and visual communication skills related to social media, blogging, podcasting, content creation for brands and influencers as well as understanding the production and planning processes behind engaging content that attracts large audiences. This is an interactive online course, aiming to enhance your content creation style, technique, and suitability to an audience.


This course provides an introduction to how content creation has evolved and explores how to create, conceptualise, plan, and successfully publish great content.

You will learn how to recognise who key influencers are and who is creating great content that attracts attention in the fashion and the creative industries. You will also gain insights into and how content is used in different platforms, including social media, blogs, podcasts, video channels, and via apps and websites.

Every week there will be a range of activities for you to get involved with. Some of these will be individual, and some you will do during live sessions with the rest of the group studying on the course.

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will have gained a broad introductory knowledge of:
  • the evolution of content creation, process, planning & strategy,
  • content marketing as part of branding and marketing strategy,
  • content writing for brands and business, platforms & channels,
  • podcasting & blogging,
  • developing content for businesses & influencers,
  • evaluating success
  • digital storytelling,
  • and reimagining the future of content
    • You will have a number of opportunities to create your own content throughout the course.

      Virtual Graduation

      At the end of the course we will hold a Virtual Graduation Event to which all the students are invited to join with the Course Leader, the College CEO, industry guests and College Academics. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to celebrate your achievements and all the new knowledge you have gained from your six weeks of learning with the Condé Nast College.

    At a glance
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Location: Online
  • Overall course fee: £795 (including VAT)
  • Start date: 15 January 2024